Thursday, October 21, 2010

The goliath tigerfish

Angler Jeremy Wade, photo from the Daily Mail.

[I suspect that this photo is actually a little deceptive, that it’s using a fish-eye (no pun intended) lens that exaggerates the size of the mouth.  But, then, we are talking about games where we suppose magic and dragons to be real …]

The goliath tigerfish is found in remote sections of the Congo.  Tigerfish are known for their aggressive feeding, behaving much like we think of piranha.  The goliath variety marry that ferocious nature with prodigious size.  Jeremy Wade, host of River Monsters, spent eight days to catch this example, reportedly 1.5m long and weighing almost 50kg.

Photo from the Daily Mail.

Fish are a little underutilised in games, probably because we breath air rather than water.  Big fish in the river? get out of the river; big bear in the forest? better get ready to fight.  Many of the species depicted on River Monsters should encourage us to right that balance.

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